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CAAT-A Strike and Arbitration Award 2017:

Faculty members across the Province were on strike for 5 weeks in order to achieve improvements to their collective agreement. Faculty were successful and the strategy by Council to have faculty accept an offer filled with concessions failed. On December 20, 2017 arbitrator William Kaplan set out the terms of a four-year contract that will govern faculty work until September 30, 2021.To read more on the award, please refer to the following link:

Completing the 2017-18 Academic year:

The fall semester has been extended until Jan 21, 2018. Faculty and students are on track to complete the semester with very little lost time. Essentially, students will be receiving 14 weeks instead of 15 weeks with some compression during the exam period due to Saturday scheduling. The winter semester will be 13 weeks in duration and will create some increased workload for students and faculty. Some faculty may be in an overload position for the winter semester, however they cannot exceed a total of 47 hours on their swf. As well, limitations regarding the number of preps as per the ca must be observed.

Article 11.01 D 2 from the collective agreement states the following:

No more than four different course preparations shall be assigned to a teacher in a given week except by voluntary agreement which shall not be unreasonably withheld.

For courses that are longer than 3 hours per week, management is supporting additional delivery time. That may entail increased hours for a course for the duration of the semester or multiple swfs may be issued in order to increase hours for a period of time. However, in doing so members cannot exceed the 47 hour limit.

As per the arbitration award, faculty are not entitled to compensation for late swf assignments. This restriction only applies to the 2018 winter semester. Faculty will retain the right to ask for compensation when swfs are not received 6 weeks prior to the teaching period for future assignments.

In the event that faculty members have questions regarding their workload assignment, they should contact faculty workload members who are part of the College Workload Monitoring Group (CWMG). Faculty members are: Ken Acton, Mike Carter, Michelle Groundwater and Mark Colangelo.



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