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SWF Changes after the (6) week prep period - (Posted Feb 24, 2015)

At our last LEC meeting held on Feb 17th, a concern was raised by a number of Stewards as to why Faculty who receive new assignments after the (6) week notice are not requesting prep time. The collective agreement allows a SWF to be changed at any time. (Article: 11.02 A1 (b) )

"The College may, where a change in circumstances requires it, amend assignments provided to a teacher after the original assignment, subject to the teacher's right to refer any matter to the College Workload Monitoring Group (WMG) referred to in 11.02 B 1 and if necessary, the Workload Resolution Arbitrator (WRA) referred to in 11.02 E 1 and appointed under 11.02 F 1."

The contract language does not specify that compensation will be given after the (6) week prep period, however it provides for the option to challenge new assignments. Members are encouraged to request the prep time from their Chair when a SWF is changed after the (6) week notice which is given prior to the teaching period.

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