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General Membership Meeting - (Posted 9-28-16)

A General Membership Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 4th in rooms 320 & 322 starting at 5:30 pm. Food and refreshments will be provided.

Agenda items:

3.1         President’s Report                                                     
3.2         Chief Steward’s Report                                            
3.3         Treasurer’ Report  (Budget)                                      
3.4         CWMG (College Workload monitoring Group) & SWF presentation                                                
3.5         Stability Report                                                          
3.6         UCC (Union College Committee) report                 
3.7         Health and Safety Report                                          
3.8         Part time campaigns                                                  
3.9         Bullying and Harassment presentation                      (Len Elliot – OPSEU)


Staffing / Stability Concerns- (Posted 5/17/16)

 The College has suspended several programs for the ‘16-‘17 academic year.   The suspension of programs is not a new concept as the College has had numerous suspensions  in the past.    There have been some rumors regarding the potential of lay-offs.  Lay-offs have not been discussed by management at this time and actually administration has communicated to us that a balanced budget was recently approved by the Board of Governors.  This balanced budget does include reductions to all part time staff (administration, support and faculty).  Administration feels the budget is conservative and is based on 7700 domestic students to minimize financial risk to the institution or having to make further cuts at mid-year. There are a large number of part time positions that would have to be absorbed by full time faculty before there would be any lay-offs.    There may be a slight possibility of some stability issues, which is the process of re-assigning someone to teach in a different program.

Management indicated that they will be looking at efficiencies  - some faculty could see their section sizes increase.  As well, they are looking to increase the number of foreign students.

On a positive note, at our recent UCC (Union College Committee) meeting, the College committed to hire 16 faculty positions for September 2016.   Some of the positions are replacements for past and upcoming retirees – others are new positions.    There are (6) outstanding positions that continue to be addressed at our regular UCC meetings.


Bullying and Harassment Concerns- (Posted 2/3/16)

There have been some concerns in the past with students who have allegedly violated college policies including bullying and harassment towards Faculty.   When the behavior of a student is threatening, Faculty should ask the student to leave.   If the Student refuses to leave, Faculty are encouraged to call security.  This procedure applies in the classroom as well in the College at large.  Faculty should and are in fact encouraged by the Union and the College to report the incident to their Chair who will discuss appropriate action.   In the event that Faculty do not receive satisfactory action by the Chair, Faculty are entitled to file a formal complaint through the Campus Hearing Officer located in HR - currently Beth Pirouet.  The policies for the complaint process are "Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities" (matters with students) and the "Respectful Work and Educational Place Policy" (matters with staff).   Faculty should notify their Steward (Local) of any incidents whereby student behaviour is perceived to be threatening.  Do not assume by filing a complaint with the Chair or Campus Hearing Officer that the Local will be aware of the concern.   Your Local is willing to support you and defend your position, however they must be aware of the concern.  While the College has specific policies to address matters of concern regarding threatening behaviour and these policies are encouraged, note that under Ontario's Health and Occupation Safety act, workers have the right to refuse work if they have a reason to believe they are in danger from workplace violence.

Coordinators Interviewing Part Time Staff Hires - (Posted 10/19/15)

Coordinators play an important part in regards to the success of programs. However, their function is limited to those responsibilities that are academic in nature. Therefore, coordinators are not responsible to interview potential hires. That role is clearly defined in the collective agreement under Management functions article 6.01 ii - whereby the exclusive function of the College is to:

hire, discharge, transfer, classify, assign, appoint, promote, demote, lay off, recall and suspend or otherwise discipline employees subject to the right to lodge a grievance in the manner and to the extent provided in this Agreement;

FAQ's SWF - Workload - (Posted 10/19/15)

To help members better understand the workload article in the collective agreement, a list of FAQ's have been provided as a quick reference along with their corresponding article numbers. Select the following link (FAQ's - Workload) for FAQ's regarding SWF's - Workload.

For future reference, the workload FAQ's are posted under the drop down menu - LOCAL 138 - Workload (CWMG)

SWF Changes after the (6) week prep period - (2/24/15)

At our last LEC meeting held on Feb 17th, a concern was raised by a number of Stewards as to why Faculty who receive new assignments after the (6) week notice are not requesting prep time. The collective agreement allows a SWF to be changed at any time. (Article: 11.02 A1 (b) )

"The College may, where a change in circumstances requires it, amend assignments provided to a teacher after the original assignment, subject to the teacher's right to refer any matter to the College Workload Monitoring Group (WMG) referred to in 11.02 B 1 and if necessary, the Workload Resolution Arbitrator (WRA) referred to in 11.02 E 1 and appointed under 11.02 F 1."

The contract language does not specify that compensation will be given after the (6) week prep period, however it provides for the option to challenge new assignments. Members are encouraged to request the prep time from their Chair when a SWF is changed after the (6) week notice which is given prior to the teaching period.

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