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Bargaining Update - Strike Vote:

(Posted: August 22, 2014)

The strike vote scheduled for August 26th has been cancelled. A Strike vote will be held on September 25th

Note that Faculty Bargaining continues, with communication suspension in effect.

The conciliator from the Ministry of Labour has joined the collective bargaining process. He has requested that the both parties suspend public communications while negotiations progress, and both parties have agreed. 

Talks are continuing and there is hope to have a tenative deal in place before the expiration of the current contract that expires on August 31st. However, it is important to prepare yourself in the event that a strike actually occurs after the September 25th strike vote date.

Members are encouraged to support the bargaining team with a strike vote. The bargaining team is bargaining for improvements to job security, workload, quality and monetary compensation. Without the support of the members it will be difficult for the bargaining team to acquire improvements to those items. The Local encourages everyone to support the team by voting "YES" in the strike vote that is scheduled for September 25th.


A note to members who have not been through this process............

For those members who are new, on probation or are partial load, the Local encourages your involvement. Please make sure that you attend all scheduled meetings. Stewards and the Local executive are available to answer any questions that you may have. Please feel free to contact them at any time. If you are not sure who your Steward is, pick the following link:

Update on Bargaining

(Posted May 5, 2014)

Faculty have been asking the Local questions about the upcoming round of bargaining. Below are responses to some of those questions:


The bargaining team will be meeting with the employer during the first two weeks of June. Depending on what happens in those first meetings, they will tailor their approach to future bargaining meetings. They will share the bargaining strategies by mid June with Faculty members so members know what to expect when they return in August. Things can evolve rapidly during bargaining and if there are any changes as to how the team proceeds, the members will be notified.

No June Strike Vote:

When members of the bargaining team visited Locals in January and February, the possibility of a June strike vote and its advantages were discussed. The bargaining team has had further discussion on this item and has decided that at this time a strike vote will not take place. A strike vote is a leveraging tool for bargaining and the Team wants to reserve that option in the event that progress is not made at the bargaining table.


Communications has been an issue in the past. Members complained that they were receiving information from management before receiving it from the bargaining team. The following methods will be used to communicate with members:

- The traditional method whereby their local Presidents distrubutes information using email and the webpage

- OPSEU’s central email distribution system will be a secondary method because this communication goes directly to the member. The bargaining team is working with OPSEU to find a way to update the email lists to remove people who are no longer in the bargaining unit and encourage current members to sign up. Messages from this system will appear different and usually include a link to resources instead of an actual attachment.

- The team will be using Social Media and the Web:

- is the bargaining team's Web site.

- Newsletters, announcements and resources can be found there. It will be updated as required, but it will not be instant.

- OntarioCollegeFaculty is the team'sFacebook page. Members are using Facebook now, and if they “like” this page, they will get the team's updates and messages directly. Members are encouraged to use this method.

- @CAATfaculty is the Twitter handle. It is probably the least used tool for members, and it is the absolute best method for instant communication. Members are encouraged to sign up.

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